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What you should know about breast cancer  Breast cancer accounted for 5% of all malignancies in Kenya and only second in number to cancer of the cervix. The incidence rate in females was 1.08 per 100,000 person-years. The incidence was low because the rural Kenyans have difficult access to the oncology facilities in Nairobi.  Data from Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital indicate that cancer of oesophagus, cervix, breast and prostate are the most common types of cancers in Kisii County and its catchment area, however no clear statistical data to that effect

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Should You Go to Medical School or Nursing School?

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As many aspiring healthcare workers are drawn to the field by a desire to help and make a difference in the lives of patients, the decision between medical school and nursing school can be difficult. Differing time and financial commitments, coupled with distinct roles nurses and doctors play on a healthcare team, make it important to explore both careers fully before making a choice.

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Learning Works In The Medical

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